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Company Safety and Security

             The main issue that all companies have to worry is the safety and health of its workers. Not only this will benefit the company making it more productive, but a better place to work. At the time that industrial revolution began the industrial safety started to gain importance because of the high number of accidents generated at that time. This happened because employees were working in extremely unsafe conditions. Furthermore Industrial security is a technique to prevent accidents at work applying certain rules. In this following essay we will be talking about how hygiene and industrial security is very important for all companies' especially industrial ones, because it helps to reduce and prevent accidents; it focuses on employee's health and safety in their work environment and it helps to reduce costs.
             Body Paragraphs .
             Prevent Accidents.
             As the result of the dramatic impact of accidents at work, as well as the cost in terms of lost lives and suffering to the workers and their families, accidents affect business and society as a whole. Fewer accidents save employers the expense of recruiting and training new staff. Trips, falls and slips are the largest cause of accidents in all sectors from heavy manufacturing to office work. Other hazards include falling objects, fires, explosions, thermal and chemical burns, dangerous substances and stress. To prevent accidents that occur in the workplace, employers should establish a safety management system that incorporates risk assessment and monitoring procedures.
             Health and Safety.
             Now, we are going to talk about Occupational Health, which aims to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of all workers. There have been several cases in industrial companies where, due to the bad position and the bad management of machinery, the workers have suffered certain illnesses or injuries such as tendonitis which is an inflammation of the wrist, elbow or forearm which is caused by a repetitive movement.

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