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            Millennials rising discusses a revolution on behalf of the next generation, the millennials. The authors describe how with each passing generation there is a surprise in behavior and action. According to the authors "revolution was a necessary reaction-. The question arises, why the future generations will not mimic the past? .
             In this chapter the authors reflect on two past generations, the Boomers and the Xers and compare how the newest generation, the Millennials, will rebel or revolutionize. Howe and Strauss state that the "baby boom generation will grow up more pliable and conformist-. They will be more idealistic, progressive and rebellious. A few decades later, the pragmatic, scrappy, free-agent persona began to emerge with Generation X. .
             Rebellion is a natural phase to occur with each passing generation, according to Howe and Strauss. Each rebellious stage is a reflection of cultural images and social mood created by their elders. The authors use three principles to base the changes that occur with each generation. "One, it solves a problem facing the prior youth generation, whose style has become dysfunctional in the new era. Two, corrects for the behavioral excess it perceives in the current midlife generation and three, it fills the social role being vacated by the departing elder generation." .
             There were different ways to rebel amongst the generations; it all depended on what was the trend for that generation. The boomers solved problems left by the generation before them. They took pleasure in not conforming to the conventional way. This group of youngsters took a more spiritual and self fulfilling way of life. Generation X took a similar approach in that they to solved problems left behind. They learned to.
             become free agents and rely on one's small circle and to pursue the tangibles of life according to Howe and Strauss. This generation did not want to be known as a lost generation like their past, so they filled a social role.

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