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The Trophy Kids Go to Work

            In the article "The Trophy Kids Go To Work" is perhaps a new point of view within the culture of the babies born within the years 1980 and 2001. This article talks about how the millennials are making a big change in our work force. Some of these changes include the mentality the workers have and how these employers are changing their ways of managing. A statistic in "The 'Trophy Kids' Go To Work" shows how these changes are in effect already by saying, "The generation's greatest expectations: higher pay (74% of respondents); flexible work schedules (61%); a promotion within a year (56%); and more vacation or personal time (50%)" (Alsop). The millennials are going out of their way to get what they want. Employers need to meet these expectations to make their employees happy. On the other hand, these kids are very fortunate and spoiled. These kids are handed everything in life just so nothing will end up hurting their feelings. These kids are being babied and not having their feelings hurt is one of the many special treatments that these kids have. The culture of the 'Trophy Kids' has many variables, but society sees the variables troublesome to themselves because of their identity and the way they grew up.
             Something that happens a lot in today's society is the debate on whether an employer wants a well-mannered gentleman or perhaps a know-it-all jerk. A main attribute in looking for someone to employ is confidence. So what is it about a know-it-all jerk that gives him so much confidence? The mindset of these people is that they are the best and no one can stop them from achieving what they want. The way to look at this scenario is like this. Parents, teachers, and role models tell the younger generation to go after their dreams, and the 'Trophy Kids' took that to heart. Also, the 'Trophy Kids' high self-esteem has made them believe that they are better than everyone else.

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