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Mid Summer Night

            Romeo and Juliet, is a story of two young lovers, whose love was destined for destruction. They did not imagine that their love would lead to the tragedies that it did. These two young people did nothing wrong except fall in love. Three aspects of their destruction included the feud between the two families, the nurse and her betrayal of Juliet and the most important aspect of all is fate.
             In the film A Midsummer Nights Dream, two men are competing for the same woman named Hermia. Demetrius, the first young man is the most favourable suitor for Hermia. The less desirable suitor is Lysander. This decision is based upon Hermia's father Eugeus's choice. He wants the best for his daughter. The truth of the matter is that Hermia only has love for Lysander, not for Demetrius. Even though Demetrius is aware that Hermia does not love him, he will not give up his efforts to be with her. The two men are then competing in a twisted game and in the end there will be only one winner.
             The effects in both these films were different for different reasons. 'Romeo and Juliet', though used old english, was set n present day and so the effects were as realistic as possible. Where as in 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream' the effects are more unnatural. This is because the story line in 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream' calls for abstract unrealism in effects. 'Romeo and Juliet' has more explosions and has more action based effects where as 'A Mid Summer Night Dream' has more magical looking effects.
             Both stories are about love, 'Romeo and Juliet' takes a more dramatic view on the issue of love, where as 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream' is more comedic. It also has more sub stories behind each character, in Romeo and Juliet there is only one.
             These only differ because of the type of story it is which determines what effects they will use in the film. .

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