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A Mid Summer's Night

             Imagine yourself in the mountains on a mid summer's night, with your friends drinking beer and roasting hotdogs not a care in the world. Not up there to find anything in particular, just up there to have a good time. At that time in my life I was nineteen years old and thought I was doing okay, although I did not have a job and no prospects. I was just having a good time, not a care in the world. Little did I know that my world was going to change.
             When we got up there it was a little breezy but we got a fire going, and we all warmed up a bit. Throughout the night I had this girl that kept coming up to me and wanting drinks of my Jim Beam and coke, and asking for cigarettes, and me being as dense as I am I did not catch on. Finally we started talking and she told me that she liked me from the moment that she met me. Here was this five-foot two-blued eyed blond haired beauty interested in me. I was just like "WOE" I did not know what to say. After we talked for a bit we started kissing and all of a sudden she stopped and said "you know were not going to have sex". So I told her that was fine. I had met her a couple of weeks before that and thought she was really pretty and had a gorgeous smile. I knew I had met the "right one", and even went home that morning and told my mom all about her. I said, "I have met the women that I am going to marry".
             All she said was "ya I"ll believe it when I see it".
             I just laughed and said, "you"ll see".
             Throughout the next couple of weeks we were pretty much inseparable. The only thing I knew that was going on was that I wanted to be with her all the time. After that first month I moved in with her and her brother, I knew it was kind of early but I sensed where it was going, so I was not worried. The only thing that bothered me was I did not have any money to spend on her to buy her things or to take her anywhere. So I soon started looking for a job.

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