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Bergman At His Best

            "At last a theology student who's not an idiot" anne about Henrik.
             Lawyer Eagerman is very sarcastic to his sun Henrik. .
             When Eagerman tells Anne that they will be going to the theater he makes several remarks to bother Henrik. One example is.
             After suspecting some alternate intentions on behalf of his son Henrik, Eagerman goes out of his way to make several remarks in order to humiliate Henrik. For example before Layer Eagerman and his wife Anne head out to the theater he suggest, in front of Henrik, that Anne and him take a nap. The way in which Eagerman makes this suggestion implies that he intends to do more than just rest. Or when lawyer Eagerman returns from the theater and helps himself to the wine Henrik st out for himself and Petra. .
             Henrik's inner struggle between his sexual desires and his theoligan beliefs are constantly causing conflict in his life. When he sees Petra swaying her hips while she walks he shouts at her for doing so, then demands that she stops. Petra, a very sexual and flirtatious character, repeatedly toys with Henrik throughout the film, indulging in her power over men. ( this comes up again when she forces Fread to Marry her at the end of the film).
             Lawyer Eagerman says "Desiree" in his sleep. .
             Later in the evening at the theater Anne becomes very disturbed at everything hinting towards .
             "You"re frivolous and sensual" (Henrik to Petra).
             "Sometimes it appears that my house is a kindergarten for love" (Fredrik).
             "Take care Fredrik Egerman, that one of your family's younger members doesn't take your role." (Desiree to Fredrik).
             Henrik lectures Petra about virtue and temptation, then when she leaves the room Henrik cannot help but to follow her up the stairs in hopes that she will take him to her room. .
             "How can a woman ever love a man, can you answer me that?".
             Egerman asks Desiree. .
             Fredrik: " I admire your military candor. By the way, will there be war?".
             Malcolm: "Why war?".

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