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How to Apply an Obagi Blue Peel

            How to Apply an Obagi Facial Blue Peel.
             In today's society, many individuals have a strong desire to improve their facial appearance for various personal reasons. There are many skin care options that are available to help people improve their facial appearance. One of these options is the Obagi Blue Peel, which is elected for people that have aging skin, poor skin tones, and skin imperfections. When deciding to apply Obagi Facial Blue Peel, a Physician or an Aesthetician (skin care specialist), must consider three majors factors. First, they must obtain the necessary ingredients for the peel in the proper amounts. Next, the patient's skin type and individual goals must be determined. And lastly, the peel solution must be mixed properly and administered.
             The necessary ingredients for the facial peel procedure are the Obagi Blue Peel base, which consists primarily of water, glycerin, and other various peeling chemicals. This base will be mixed with TCA (trichloracetic acid), which is the primary exfoliating agent. The next ingredients are the Blue Peel Cleanser, which cleanses and prepares the face for the procedure, a plastic mixing spatula, applicator sponges, mixing containers, a hand-held fan, and gauze.
             Evaluating the patient's skin type and personal goals is a critical step in the Blue Peel process. If a patient has normal, thin, sensitive, or dry skin, a mixture of 15% TCA would be the proper amount to use. However, if a patient has thicker skin or the ability to tolerate more extreme burning, a 20% TCA would be used. At this point, the Physician or Aesthetician may decide to apply a local anesthetic, such as Betacaine, to help minimize the burning effects which will keep the patient more comfortable during the process. Many patients with low pain thresholds require more support and encouragement than others during the application process. Also, the amount of time needed for the healing process may require time off from work.

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