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Amy Lowell poetry analysis

            Though many people think of rhyming words and repetitive stanzas when the word poem comes to mind, most modern poetry is not rhyming. A great example of this is Amy Lowell. Hr deep thoughts and figurative language paint a picture in the readers mind almost putting the reader in that very situation. .
             I chose Amy Lowell for this very reason. Much of her poetry is filled with hidden meanings, as in "Climbing". At first glance this poem seems like a fairy tale. A person climbing up and an apple tree, excited because this will be their first time to the top, having previously halted on other occasions. Oddly this poem is really about homosexuality and this person's attempt to "come out of the closet". Many of these poems are set in nature and are overflowing with colorful language affecting every sense. In "At Night" Amy explains of a hot July night, and the sounds of rushing waves. The reader can feel the sticky, hot feel of the humid July night, and can hear the crashing of waves on a beach as if they were laying on the sand beside the setting. .
             My main reason for choosing Amy Lowell is because she had a passion and conviction of the words that she used. In her poem"Fatigue" she speaks of everyday monotony and explains nature's desire to wake up and live again. Through this poem, one is introduced to the idea of exhaustion, not only wanting to sleep, but a need to escape the worlds boring nature and allow read Amy Lowell's everything to live once again. .
             Obviously there are many reasons to poetry and many reasons for which I chose to present you with her poetic desire and passion.

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