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After School Jobs

            Pressure for a teenager to work and get good grades is extremely high today and I think it is good for a teenager to have that pressure. It"ll prepare you for the world which will give you pressure in almost every decision. I think that after school jobs for students are increasingly beneficial. .
             A teenager that has a job is more willing to be taught responsibility, learns more about money and gets a jump start on the real world after high school. One challenge that I have had to overcome, but ultimately grown stronger from is that of finding an appropriate time to finish my homework. I no longer take class time to work on my assignments for granted. While most of my friends who don't work usually go home and sit on their couch for four hours watching television before even thinking about homework. Getting homework done as soon as possible will leave less stress and pressure on a teenager. .
             Having a job has taught me to respect authority. Like most jobs that a high school student has, I am constantly around people. After being yelled at for breaking a plate or glass (I do that all the time), it is much easier to deal with rude people in other situations, I am much less likely to lose my patience and I understand that many problems and attitudes depend on circumstance. .
             I think another positive was that jobs impact teenagers is that it teaches them about money. At the risk of sounding like an old man, kids these days don't know the value of the dollar. I know many kids that are going to be in a world of hurt when Mom and Dad aren't there with their wallet to give them money to go out or buy their clothes and CD's. Even though I have some close friends that say "Hey if my parents pay for what I want and need, why do I need a job." But Mom and Dad aren't always going to be there, so you need to fend for yourself now. I now think twice before spending a hundred dollars on a pair of shoes when I realize that will cost me thirty hours of working.

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