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Compare three jobs

            The workforce is full of many jobs to chose from when a person's schooling is over. Jobs can range from what you are interested to jobs that give you enough funds to live. This report looks at six job professions and their benefits and disadvantages. Pharmacists, the closest job to becoming a doctor, fills prescriptions and counsels patients on their health. Lawyers work with the public in court and other legal matter. Actors are performers on stage, movies, and videos. Reporters work long hours to give us the news daily. Computer Programmers help the public in computer problems and software development. And final, doctors, which make the most, help injured people and prescribe medicine to fit the patient's need. .
             In my opinion, a pharmacist has a really easy job. Pharmacists earn reasonable amounts of money, working practical hours and are mostly off on holidays. At the very beginning, it is really easy for a pharmacist to obtain a job because employment opportunities are very good at this point in our country. To be certified as a pharmacist is not as easy though. Undergraduate school is required, plus an internship and pharmacy school is also necessary. After all the schooling is done, a pharmacist must pass a state exam and maintain CE hours while they are employed. Another benefit of being a pharmacist is that they have so much more patient interaction then most doctors. Pharmacists may evaluate patient's health problems and assist them in their decision on prescriptions. Pharmacists also work in very clean, well-lighted, indoor areas. If everything works out well, pharmacists can look at a starting salary of a little over seventy thousand a year.
             Lawyers, on the other hand, have their work cut out for them during school and after school in their career. To become a lawyer, one must attend undergraduate school and then go on the law school for three years, ending in a state bare exam.

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