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Proposal Essay on Employee Tardiness

            Most people do not think showing up between thirty minutes to an hour late is a huge deal. However, when it becomes a continuous routine, it starts taking a toll on others. A survey by YouGov found that, ".twenty-two percent of millennials in a separate survey by YouGov admitted to being late at least once a week compared with fifteen percent of those fifty-five or older"(Lindeman 4). When a co-worker is constantly late in the workplace, it becomes an issue for both the store and customers. The purpose of this essay is to establish the requirements for absences, to provide procedures for handling of tardiness and unscheduled absences, so that employees can maintain efficiency and effective operations to focus on the customer. In order to solve the problem of employees arriving thirty minutes to an hour late, it is important to review and invest in four steps, so that Old Navy can offer better customer service and become a less stressful environment, which is what the manager value. After following these steps, the management will have a weight lifted off of them, customers will be happy, and Old Navy will start to see an increase in profit. .
             One of my co-workers is constantly late to meetings and her shifts at Old Navy. It is true that when someone is late, it messes up everyone's schedule and routine. Most of the time when she has not shown up for her shift, my co-workers and I have to take up her work until she arrives. It really takes a toll on us when it is on a busy day because we have to juggle both our job and hers. It is hard to have to clean out fitting rooms and then go over to another department and have to fold clothes. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying the finish the job that I do not even want to be bothered with a customer. Also, it does not only cause other workers to want to pull their hair out, but the customers become unhappy. The reason for this is because when someone does not show up for his or her scheduled shift then that means no one is there to help customers when they have questions.

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