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Analysis of

             Jack Kerouac has made a beautiful work of art. It takes courage and a great deal of confidence to write a book that is surely to be the subject of a great deal of criticism. Jack Kerouac's book, On The Road, raised many eyebrows. Although it appealed to a great number of people, it also angered many other people. This story tells about a young man named Sal that encounters many different types of people as he travels back and forth across the United States. His life is spent on the road and that's where he is at peace. He is not the type of person that likes to settle down. He lived a wild and reckless life. His thoughts were often bent around a good friend of his named, Dean Moriarty. The wild lives of Sal and his friends on the road made On The Road the subject of a great deal of debate.
             There are many connections between the 50's Beats and the 60's Hippies. The 50's Beats and the 60's Hippies shared a love for music. In the 50's, the Beats usually indulged themselves in Rock and Roll, Jazz, and the Blues. These styles of music were controversial at the time. In the 60's, the Hippies indulged themselves in Rock and Roll and certain types of Jazz. A great musical event took place in the late 60's. This great event was called Woodstock. This event brought huge numbers of at least 400,000 people, all there for one reason, to have a good time and to listen to music. The Beats and Hippies both shared a passion for art. Both groups of people believed in forms of tranquility and beauty. What connected the Beats and the Hippies best together was their peaceful defiance. Both groups were very independent and very strong-minded.
             The youth of the 50's found the Beats and Rock and Roll so compelling because they both symbolized rebellious attitudes. The Beats were very much interested in controversial things such as Jazz, Blues, and Rock and Roll. The Beats also symbolized what it meant to be "cool" and popular.

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