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Character Development in LOTR

            Character Development inThe Fellowship of the ring?.
             Throughout the storyLord of the Rings? there are many characters. Seen through different points of view, it can be said that just about any of them can be somewhat the main characters. Gandalf the wizard can be seen as the main character because he was in thehobbit?, and is now guiding the other characters through their adventure. Sam , which is a friend of Frodo and also a hobbit, could be written about as the main character since he can be seen throughout the whole journey as someone who had to help someone else on an important mission. If the story was renamedSam's adventure?, you would see it as a story of how Sam helped out in an important cause. Even though many characters can be seen as the most important in the story. Frodo stands out the most because of the fact that he has the ring. Everyone else is just accompanying him to where he has to go. Everyone good in the story wants to help him on his journey while everyone evil wants to kill him. .
             Gandalf is always seen as the smartest of all the characters. He is very old and knows a lot about the world. He also has knowledge about the ring and the forces of evil. Gandalf not only is an old wise man but also a very powerful wizard. His character stays the same through most of the entire story. He is always seen as the most knowledgeable and powerful of the good alliance. In the story he is almost always seen as a father to everyone, he always gives everyone advice and helps them on their journey. Throughout the story Gandalf doesn't change much except for being seen as more powerful or wise because of the things he says and does.
             In the beginning of the story Gandalf sends Frodo on a journey to the town of Bree. Gandalf makes Sam accompany him since Sam was eaves dropping and overheard the whole story of the one ring. On their way out of the Shire, Sam and Frodo come across two of their friends, Merry and Pippin.

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