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Better Reviews?

            Several movie critics have complained that the duration of Lord of the Rings (LOTR): The Fellowship of the Ring was nothing more than a dull 178 minutes; that the film was uneventful and repetitive in terms of its narration. The Fellowship of the Ring may seem "dead" in comparison to its sequel LOTR: The Two Towers, which has a more energetic and stunning action sequences than The Fellowship of the Ring. Even though The Two Towers contains more of the amazing special effects to make the film more exciting, The Fellowship of the Ring relies on humor and magic to bring life to its anti-climactic scenes. .
             The Fellowship of the Ring fell short in the area of astounding battle scenes but, it possessed many humorous scenes that brought about an enthusiastic vibe to a "dull" tale. The first laughable scene in the film was when the six-foot tall Gandalf the Grey stepped into the low ceiling home of the four-foot tall Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf is forced to lose his composure as he hovers around Bilbo"s home and hits his head on the candelabra. The audience finds amusement at his clumsiness so they automatically smile or even laugh. .
             Many other comical scenes occur in The Fellowship of the Ring. The well-known troublemakers, Merry and Pippin rely on their mischievous acts to provide the audience an interlude to the lifeless beginning of Frodo and Sam"s journey out of the Shire. As Frodo and Sam travel through the outskirts of the Shire, they literally run into Merry and Pippin who are running away from a farm that they have repeatedly stolen vegetables from. In addition to their ridiculous hustle, an angry farmer is chasing after them to get the least bit of vengeance for stealing his precious vegetables. These are only a few of the many instances that the audience will find amusing and thus, will respond by laughing. .
             The lack of humor in The Two Towers is covered up by the unbelievable combative scenes, which take away from the story line and also make the film repetitious.

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