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Two Modern Views on Creation and Incarnation

            Two Modern Views on Creation and Incarnation.
             Through the first 2,000 year of the Christian Church there have been countless scholars, each offering their distinct view on the many aspects of the church. Of these topics creation and incarnation are almost always included in there explanation of the church. When one discusses creations you have to look at the effects of modern science; as science has evolved people have come to question the stories in the bible which at one time were considered to scientific. As a result there is a wide perspective of ideas about what really happened at the time of creation. Incarnation, although not affected by technology, also has been open to numerous ideas through the history of the church. One main reason this acquires is Jesus never really explained what or who he was while he was here on earth. Four of the most respected theologians of our time, Denis Edwards, Elizabeth Johnson, Jurgan Moltmann, and Edward Schillebeeckx, are no exceptions to idea. Each of these scholars holds their own distinct opinion about each of these two topics. All of them however look to the past to see what the ancient scholars have said about the scripture and attempt to evolve those ideas into something that reflects the modern ideas of the world.
             The First of the Scholars Edwards offers the most scientific view about both creation and incarnation. In his book The God of Evolution: A Trinitarian Theology, he focuses on the role that evolution plays in both of these ideas. He still holds the stories of the Bibles on high regard, but he recognizes how modern science affects them. He answers a lot if the questions that Christians face in world today relating to how God would react to all of the new ideas the modern science has to offer. Edwards states that the Biblical Stories are told in myth form, but point to profound religious truth, however it is more practical to follow the model of evolution to describe how the world was formed.

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