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Thomas Hobbes

             Thomas Hobbes was born in 1588 in London. He went to Oxford to study government and outside of school he wanted to know people would let someone tell them want to do and give them orders. Hobbes became interested in a monarchy-, which is a rule by a king or a queen. Hobbes believed that all people did something for a reason, there was no faith in anything, and his distrust of democracy actually had a point. I think that he is wrong in his decisions and had very big weird ideas. .
             First, Hobbes believed that all people did something for a reason. No matter if it was good or bad, he figured there was some kind of evil behind every action made by a person. He figured that every action made by humans were for themselves and not for anyone else. This was because he thought people would make any decision just to make them better in their society. Hobbes even said, "If men are naturally in a state of war, why do they always carry arms and why do they have keys to lock their doors." He didn't know that people would do things out of their own good will. Instead of everybody having a good side and an evil side, Hobbes figured that everyone would act on their impulses of the evil side to make all their decisions. He thinks that nobody should be trusted and everyone only did acts to improve their own self-consciences. That nobody should be trusted because of their evil side and that's what they are acting on all the time. I think that people do good out of their own will whenever they want and not all people want something in return. If everybody wanted something in return then we would not do some of the things we do to other people. The world is of give and receiving and not receive only. I think Hobbes had to be wrong on this issue and plus he had no faith in anyone anyways. .
             Thomas Hobbes believed that everybody was so materialistic that everything happens by an impulse. He did not believe in the senses and that a part of your brain always acted on an impulse to make everything work the way it works.

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