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Staffing and Recruitment Strategies

            Staffing Plan and Recruitment Strategies.
             Developing and staffing plan for the SMC Company. Determining how many people will be need to hire, and in what functional areas. Develop a strategic plan to recruit the appropriate applicants.
             The legal requirements in aspect for staffing .
             Managing workforce-related risks has grown increasingly complex, requiring close coordination among human resources executives at companies and their organization's legal, risk management, operations, compliance and other functions. In some instances, the use of new software tools has helped make certain aspects of the human resource function easier to manage, but these packages often are limited in scope and must be selected carefully. .
             Among their numerous responsibilities, human resources executives manage all aspects of workforce development, including recruiting employees, interviewing applicants, conducting orientations for new hires, navigating the employment issues of decentralized or global operations, and managing the effect of plant closings, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions on employees. Meanwhile, the risk management function often is directly responsible for managing employment-related risks, particularly those that can affect operations.
             In addressing workplace harassment and discrimination issues, human resources executives now need to coordinate closely with their firm's legal and risk management executives. Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions and an EEOC pronouncement underscore the need for employers to step up sensitivity and diversity training, and to ensure company employment policies comply with federal and state regulations. These efforts can help reduce the likelihood of discrimination and harassment incidents and may protect employers if such problems occur.
             In many firms, risk management had operated separately from human resources in managing work-safety issues, satisfying OSHA requirements and meeting ergonomics standards, as well as in arranging related insurance.

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