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The War Against Time

             Life is uncertain but death is for sure, because death comes to every man. If man never gets a chance to experience love in his lifetime, then his life is surely to be unfulfilled. In this era of time, it is very common to fall in and out of love. We only have so much time granted to be able to love in our lifetimes. In the war against time, both seventeenth and twentieth century poets define life, love, death and their significance to human existence.
             Furthermore, the days of our lives are like the sand in an hourglass, and it is very important how we live each day. We want to live righteously so that we can, "As men pass mildly away" (Donne, 398.1). Our lives should be looked at as gifts that are given to us from God. As said by poet John Donne "death can come at any time." Everyday that is given is a blessing and should be taken seriously. I try to live each day, as if it is my very last.
             Also, a great poet once said, "It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all". According to Marvell "we should experience love, while the youthful hew sits on the skin like morning dew." By not ever being in love, you choose to not understand the concept of love. Why people do the things they do for their loved ones, or to what extent one will go for love. Without love in your life, one's journey may seem to be much longer. Actually, without love life is shorter. Because you have not allowed yourself the chance to live and experience your life to it's fullest. Longevity of life should not be measured by length of time, but by quality of life. Love should always be in one's life whether it being in love with someone, or having love for someone. It is important to remember, love is not really judged by how much you love someone, but by how much other love you.
             Although, some believe that death is not the end of life, others choose to believe it is merely a transition from one state to another.

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