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Who Am I?

             Who am I? This uncertainty has to be one of the most common to go through a teenager's brain. To answer it we have to look at what has shaped us as a people in general. This includes our culture, our history, and our families. .
             Our culture influences, to an extent, everything in our lives, from how we are schooled, the morals we are taught and other influences on our lives such as sports we play, and music we listen to. In my case, and other male teenagers, I"m sure; I enjoy a footy game, a good meat pie, and the odd occasion of getting completely sloshed. These things that we cherish and enjoy are definitely imprinted into our culture. Take the example of binge drinking. This example has been set from watching 16 years of Australia days and Anzac days where the people we look up to and admire, such as our fathers, uncles and grandfathers all get on the grog and have a good time. Therefore seeing these people get drunk and enjoy it has conveyed to us the feeling that it is socially acceptable and the feeling that it is ok to have the odd drink. .
             Our history influences our patriotism and our nationalistic tendencies. Our history also affects the way we view certain events in the world. Our history may also bring undesirable traits of our ancestors to the forefront, such as racism. In most of our cases our ancestors would have come from one of the 4 strains of race in the British Isles; Irish, Scottish, Welsh and British. These four strains melded into each other and created a unique nation, Australia. Our accent isn't exactly any of neither the four streams nor our traditions completely in line with any of the before mentioned nationalities, however we still retain a feeling of linkage with the four.
             Our families" influence on us is most probably the largest reason that makes us who we are. They decide our personality, our bias, and our character flaws. Our family and heritage have been decided by amalgamating our culture and our history.

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