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Who I AM

             "Who am I?" Some would say I am a boring and closed minded person. While others would say that I"m creative and very artistic. The truth is, I enjoy writing about my life, the lives of others, and sometime when I really want to let go, fairytales. I also enjoy bringing lifeless events to life by adding beautiful color schemes, lots of light, and gorgeous flowers. Writing and decorating are my favorite activities. Today, I am going to tell you how these two activities, writing and decorating, have influenced me (Thesis).
             First, I will start by telling you how writing has influenced me (TR/MP 1). My mother would always say that when I was little I use to write on everything in the house. She"d say that if I could, I"d write on the ceiling. Now, as I've gotten older, at the age of 19, I can never seem to keep my hands off a pencil and a piece of paper. Writing puts me at ease with all the frustration in my life. It has taught me how to express my deepest feelings towards people and situations. For example, up until a year ago I've never knew how to tell someone how much I love and care for them so. Writing has also taught me how to appreciate literature and fine arts. Through it, I've learned about myself as a person.
             Second, I will tell you how decorating has influenced (TR/MP 2). It all started two years ago, when at the last minute, I was asked to decorate a birthday party. I was applauded for my great work. Now, when it comes to decorating for any occasion, I put my heart into it. Decorating allows the inner child in me to run free. For instance, a few weeks ago I decorated a baby shower. Everyone was thrilled to see that the place looked exactly like a nursery. Decorating events like these have helped me to define who I am. Most important, I've learned not to be afraid in situation that requires my opinions.
             In conclusion, I've explained to you how these activities, writing and decorating, have influenced my life (TR/SUM).

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