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Overpaid Athletes

             Pete's a normal guy who day in and day out risks his life for others as a fireman. But today wasn't any normal day for Pete. Today was September 11, 2001 and Pete got the call to report to the Twin Towers. When he got there he did what every fireman did: he ran into that building, pulling out whomever he could find. After risking his life the entire day and saving a numerous amount of people, Pete was finally free to go home, a little shaken up, but relieved it was over and he was okay. .
             After a long drive, Pete was there, a small apartment in a dangerous neighborhood where he always had to watch his back. He walked into his small living room, sparsely scattered with furniture, which was connected to his kitchen where no food was in sight, which lead into the one bedroom he slept in. This is where Pete had been living for the past month. He laid down on his uncomfortable bed to reflect on the horrible day. .
             After that day, Pete was a hero. After Sept. 11, Pete deserved everything he was given and more. .
             So why was our hero sleeping in a small apartment, with just enough room for only himself and not enough food for the next week? Doesn't he deserve more after risking his life for others? .
             Now, imagine John. John's got it pretty rough too. Sure, he's not saving lives or anything, but he's got practice every day for the football season as a professional football player. While guys like Pete are saving lives, John is saving his quarterback from getting tackled. When Pete was risking his life on September 11, 2001, John was watching it all happen on the news. Perhaps John doesn't have it as rough as Pete. In fact, compared to Pete, perhaps John's job is a cakewalk. Sure it's hard work, but it doesn't take the courage and heroism that has to be shown in the job of a fireman. .
             "So what's your point," you may ask me. "It's two different jobs, everybody's got to make a living somehow.

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