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Pros Get Paid too Much

            Professional athletes are finely toned human beings who work extremely hard to make a living to support their families. They are the cream of the crop when in terms of fitness and health and are the most highly skilled people in the world in regards to each of their sports respectably. Most "work" throughout the year whether staying in shape in the off-season or playing through their rigorous seasons that vary in length depending upon the sport. Football players pound each other for about five months each year while playing one game per week. Basketball and baseball players play a much longer season then do football. Baseball players play one hundred and sixty-two games that lasts more than five months long throughout the country. Nevertheless, the professional basketball season lasts about the same amount of time as does baseball except they play eighty-two games throughout the country. As for tennis players, golfers, and racecar drivers, they are in season throughout the year performing in different places around the world. The life of professional athletes is indeed tough and treacherous. They travel throughout the country and world always improving to be the best as they play their high-speed vigorous sport. Despite all these facts, professional athletes are overpaid people who believe they are above the law and better than anyone else. They are simply millionaires who have an "I am God" attitude, which they get away with.
             Professional athletes began getting paid too much money as early as the end of the 19th century. John L. Sullivan, who was a moderately known boxer, earned four times as much as the President of the United States of America. This was during a period in American history when America was trying to build an imperial power in which they had to pick and choose their battles. The average American during this time was an industrial worker making extremely low wages, living on bare essentials to survive.

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