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College Student Lifestyles

            Most college students these days have two life style options to chose from; either school and a job, or school and no job. Some students are forced to have a job along with getting their education because they need to maintain bills and school supply, or even just because they want the cash in their wallet. Others are lucky enough to still be supported by their parents with everything paid for, or their parents just don't want them to work and go to school at the same time altogether. Either way, there are some major pros and cons for each college lifestyle. These students with jobs tend to learn to manage time well; balancing school, homework time and work. They have no choice but to stay on track and stay away from and obstacles in their path that may effect them. Although at times these same students may side track from their education time they have set aside to work more hours for more money. Some jobs just simply trap their employees by offering time and a half pay rate. Sometimes even these well balanced students can be over powered by their income as they get used to having extra cash in their pockets, therefore school soon becomes lower on the priority list. Then we have our second kind of college students that don't have jobs. These students have plenty of time to devote their time and mind to their studies. Most of theses students tend to be stereo typed saying that they receive better grades than those students that do have jobs. This can be true, but not in all cases. These same students that have plenty of time to devote to school and studies also have just as much of that time to party, hang out with friends and of course sleep. Theses same students also may not get a taste of reality to get a head start to experience "real world" pressures. These students still seem to live what I like to call a "high school life". They go to school, come home, maybe do homework, then it's off to play time.

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