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Making Decision

            There are some confusing points in the statement above. It is not certain if the decision concerns a personal problem or a public one, or if it means when the decision has already been make or when one is in the process of decision-making. Therefore, I want to specify the definition of decision as used above as inclusive of all stages and is related to personal concerns. With this definition I'll surely agree with the statement above for the following reasons.
             First of all, you can lessen the possibility of making a wrong decision by asking people for information or advice. Let's say that you are choosing a college in which you may enroll, but all you know about the colleges in front of you are just some superficial things about popularity and alumni. In this case, you can get some help from people who are studying at those schools and they will give you lots of practical information about such things as the atmosphere, advantages of its curriculum and real unemployment rate. They might also give you some advice on choosing a college as well. This information will help you have a full understanding when making the decision.
             You are also likely to make a right decision by referring to other people's ideas. For instance, if you need a large amount of money to further your studies while you family members suffer poverty, it will be hard for you to keep studying. But I would suggest you think it over with other people before you make up your mind. During counseling, some others may come up with a novel idea you haven't had and some would let you know about scholarships that suit you. Also, there is a possibility that you may happen to meet someone who is willing to support your family. By accepting others' ideas and comparing them with yours, you can make a better decision.
             In conclusion, I think a person needs to listen to others' opinions before he or she makes a decision. This pre-decision making process backed up with a lot of information, advice and ideas will decrease the odds of a wrong decision.

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