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decision making

             Making decisions is a very crucial part of life, there are so many things in life that require for us to make proper decisions such as in the business world making management decisions, as an athlete on the field, driving a car etc. I feel the one of the most important ones is about our future. I feel at times I have not made the right decision such as associating with the wrong people and dating the wrong girl. I have reacted without considering the long-range consequences of what can happen to my future. .
             It's just good to take the time to sit down every now and then and reevaluate our priorities. Decision making is the state-of-the-art tool and method, .
             a decision-support system. Decisions change your everyday schedule, people make over two-hundred decisions a day. If the majority of the decisions are wrong you definitely need to have a better decision making plan. Planning plays a huge role in the decision process, but most often decision are of a quick process without planning ahead, which is often not pretty. Planning provides a standard of methods that will help with your decision that's going to be made as well as helping to establish independent goals. It also helps provide a standard of measurement in which will shape the decisions is set apart from surrounding events. Some decisions are more important than others, whether they make an immediate impact on the situation or they end up creating a long term affect, by which cause is all started by making a quick impulsive decision. There are many decision making methods that are very helpful one is the pro-con chart, where you list the negative affects and positive outcome due to making that decision. Decisions are something that should not be taking lightly one decision can affect your whole life they require a lot of thought, emotion, and research.

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