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Abolishing Alcohol

            Alcohol: Harmless Substance or Killer?.
             Meet John, he has been out late drinking with his buddies, it's about 2 in the morning and the party is coming to an end. Now it's time for everyone to get home safely. John, who has decided not to drink tonight, rode with a friend who is obviously in no condition to drive. John being the smart person he is tells his friend that he is in no condition to drive and he will be driving him home. The other 6 friends are also intoxicated and well past the legal limit. John lets them drive home because it does not involve his life and it's just a few miles away, they will get home ok, won't they? That night at about five in the morning John gets a call from his friend's mother, who has yet to see her son that night. John is panicking; he knows what happened to his friends but does not want to say anything to the mother afraid she will panic. John is in a bind, what should he do? This is a situation that involves alcohol and its effects on people all the time. This is why alcohol should be completely prohibited.
             Alcohol has destroyed families and ruined many more. In 1997, 16,189 car accidents were alcohol related and involved at least one fatality. Of only 42,000 car crashes total alcohol is responsible for over 38% of the total losses (Kowalski 8). The average kid begins drinking at age 12, by far too young for all of the states" 21 year old drinking requirement (Alcoholism). 47% of 12 year olds that do drink alcohol are clinically categorized as alcoholics, or dependant on alcohol (Shah 1A). Over 60 million people worldwide have the disease known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, another alcohol related problem (Mclean 33). These are just a few ways of showing you how alcohol ruins lives.
             It is true, of course, many stores and companies will go out of business. By making alcohol illegal these stores and businesses will be forced to possibly declare economic failure.

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