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            A I am hoping to explain the constituent features of Wyoming and give valid reasons for the points I make upon this dance piece.
             This dance piece is called Wyoming, the music is by: John Marc C, the text came from: Spring (short story by Gretal Eretal) and it was choreographed by: Siobhan Davies.
             Wyoming has one particular feature that is very important this feature was music. The music had a range of natural sounds varying from a roar of a lion to the sound of a train. Instruments was used such as, an electric guitar, drums and bells. One instrument they used was also known as a natural sound called voice. The voice played a major part in the theme, it told the story of what the whole dance was about. There was a mixture of tempo's and at each new scene a new piece of music was played, this brings us onto movement.
             When the tempo was at a steady pace the dancing remained at an average speed, but in contrast to this when the tempo was speeded up the dancing became much faster with smaller arm movements, this was so that the dancer/s could keep up with the pace of the beat.
             Each time there was a new scene a new dancer was used accompanied with a new piece of music. I think this was because at each new scene, the dancer and music suggested the different aspects of a relationship. The relationship was also shown through a variety of movement. We know that there is a relationship because an increasing amount of physical touch is used, also involving weightbearing. The physical touch shows intimacy and weightbearing shows trust amongst the two partners, we know it shows trust because, there is a section where one dancer leans her whole body forward and the other dancer has his arms wrapped round her waist, to stop her from falling over and hitting the ground. There was much use of contemporary dance with gestures of ballet. Contemporary was the main style of dance used because, the choreographer was Siobhan Davies and she trained at a contemporary dance school.

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