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Places are Changing Remarkably.

             Just look at our town where we live, Casper, Wyoming. Originally, Casper was established around 1888. To help grow the small town, the railroads have been built; Casper Fire Station has been added that was both architecturally and historically significant. The most important aspect of the area's history was the discovery and development of oil. During this period, Casper grew to be the hub of the oil and gas industry or the Rocky Mountain region.
             At the same time when the town of Casper was established, it was the arrival of the first passenger train connecting Casper with the East. Since railroads were the most dependable connection to civilization, Casper grew around these early train stations. .
             Another example of the growth of Casper is the Casper Fire Station. The construction of the fire station in 1921 marked a significant turning point in the community because it reflected a greater need for fire protection in an expanding population. The building is associated with the growth and development of the City of Casper during the oil boom of 1914-1927. The building symbolizes how Casper changed from a small agricultural town with a volunteer fire department to a booming oil center with a paid fire protection staff.
             A third example of significant changes of our town was the discovery and development of oil. By 1920, three oil refineries were operating in the Casper area. In 1948, oil wells brought another boom. By the 1960s, nearly every major oil company has established exploratory offices in Caster. The population of Casper significantly grew in 1970s that involved considerable new housing starts. Today there is only one refinery in Casper and most of the major oil companies which operated in Casper have moved out. Unfortunately, since we have lost our largest industry, the Casper population did not grow so rapidly.
             During World War II, an Army Air Corps training field was constructed that later became our current airport.

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