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Their Eyes Were Watching God, Disscussion

            When Janie leaves Eatonville to meet and marry Teacake in Jacksonville were they both "stayed at home and rested" (p.117) while the other two nights were packed with excitement as they went to a show and then rode a trolley car around. Since Teacake paid for everything Janie didn"t even bother to tell him about the two hundred dollars that she "had pinned in the inside of her pocket next to her skin" (p.117). I believe that Janie was kind of weary about telling Teacake about the money because she kept on thinking about the widow in Eatonville, Ms. Tyler who was ripped off by a charmer named Who Flung. The next morning, when Janie discovered that her money was all gone, and that Teacake had not returned from the market, she started to freak out, and had every right to do so. Teacake explained that a wave of excitement came over him when he saw the money, so he spent it all on a big chicken and macaroni dinner for his fellow railroad workers. Janie was insulted that Tea Cake didn't invite her, but Tea Cake further explained that he was worried that Janie might think that his crowd was too low class. Janie said that from now on, she wants to enjoy everything that he does and she could truly express her love as her "soul crawled out of it's hiding place" (p.128). Teacake paid Janie back, even though she didn"t want to accept the money, Teacake made her take it and put it back in her hiding place.
             Tea Cake makes Janie genuinely happy. He continues to accord her respect and remains unthreatened by her "masculine" empowerment. While down in the Muck" Janie gets jealous of a fat, chunky girl named Nunkie because she constantly flirts with Teacake. When Janie found Teacake and Nunkie wrestling in the cane fields she was furious. After trying to beat up Teacake, she later realizes how stupid that really was, as she then joked with Teacake about how a foolish girl Nunkie really is. .
             When the season ended, both Teacake and Janie decided to stay for one more year.

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