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A Few Good Men

             "Honor isn"t about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences. This quote is proven to be true in several instances throughout A Few Good Men. This is shown when Dawson and Downey meet with Lieutenant Kaffee .I believe that this quote means that true men listen to orders that are given to them and will accept the consequences for their actions. .
             The first time in the movie when this quote is supported is when Daniel Kaffee meets with his two clients Dawson and Downey. Dawson was convinced that he didn"t do anything wrong, all he did was follow orders and if following the orders that were given was wrong then he will accept the consequences. This shows honor because he was following the code of the Marines. Downey also shows honor when he tells his lawyer Dan Kaffee that he isn"t going to plead guilty and accept a lesser sentence because he believes that he didn"t do anything wrong. But if he is found guilty by a trial he will accept the consequences and the fact that he was wrong, and in the end when they are dishonorably discharged from the marines Dawson accepted it.
             Another portion in the movie that supports this quote is when Kaffee decided to put Jessep on the stand. He also knew that if he charged a high ranking officer with a crime and he didn"t have enough evidence that he could get in a great deal of trouble. He realized that if he couldn"t prove anything it would stay on his record that he charged a high-ranking military officer of a false crime. In order to vindicate Dawson and Downey he felt that it was necessary to question Jessep and try to get him to say that he ordered the code red. Kaffee realized that the honorable thing to do was to subpoena Jessep and try his best to prove that Dawson and Downey were just following orders that were given by Jessep. Kaffee was fully aware of what the consequences were if he didn"t get any information out of Jessep and he was willing to accept them.

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