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A Few Good Men

             How did COL Jessup's values relate to what you learned in Honor Ethics? The Book NAVAL LEADERHSIP states that Ethics and Values " has sought to ingrain in us certain mores that have been considered conductive to the good of the group-. In the movie it was obvious that COL Jessup truly believed that he was doing right by his people. The ethical dilemma was the manner in which he did it. It was obvious that he was disobeying orders from his superiors and placing his subordinates in Ethical situations. .
             2. Was there ever a change in Leadership during the proceedings? Explain. LTJG Kaffee and LCDR Gallaway were both jockeying for position throughout the movie. LTJG Kaffe was assigned lead council but LCDR Gallaway had ulterior motives and was using the case as way to promote herself and career. LTJG motives were likewise self-centered. Later in the movie we see that Kaffee and Gallaway have decided that the right thing is the good of their clients and dedication to the truth. .
             3. How did values, honor and ethics influence COL Markinson (Jessup's XO)? COL Markinson was forced into an ethical situation by his commanding officer. The movie also indicates that this had happened on many occasions. The XO obviously had strong objections but was either incapable or afraid to take action against his command. I think in the end that the XO believed that he had dishonored himself, the Corp, PFC Santiago, and himself, by not acting. The XO displayed traits of honor and value, but ethics is doing the right thing regardless of personal consequences. .
             4. Did anyone's value programming change? How and Why? In the beginning, we see that LTJG KAFFEE is a good lawyer, but his ethics and values revolve around his self-benefit. His decissions were based on his personal gain. Good examples of ethics and values come from good mentors and role models. A person will try to follow in that mentor's footsteps and eventually take on the same values.

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