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A Few Good Men

             Dawson and Lowden Downey murdering William Santiago in Guantano Bay, Cuba is the most crucial part of the movie A Few Good Men. With no initial evidence left behind Lt. Daniel Caffee has been assigned to prove Dawson and Downey's innocence. Lt. Daniel Caffee is currently in his first year at the navy with a degree from Harvard Law. Picking Lt. Caffee for a case like this is very easy. With no proof of innocence everyone is sure that is will be a fast case. Lt. Daniel Caffee is very arrogant, unprofessional, and unpatriotic. This assignment will have a great effect on Caffee. Whose whole image and personality will change while he is defending Dawson and Downey.
             Lt. Daniel Caffee is portrayed as being an egotistical, Plea bargainy lawyer. Lt. Caffee is ordered to go see Lt. Col. Jo Gallaway after being assigned to his case. Lt. Gallaway is Caffee's superior officer that appoints herself as Co-council for the case. Daniel is very rude and unrespectful to her. He shows up at her office eating an apple and acting like the case is not a big deal to him at all. Lt. Caffee even has the nerve to leave Gallaway's office without a dismissal. Lt. Col. Jo Gallaway notices this major flaw about Lt. Caffee and makes sure that he knows. She also picks up on the fact that he rather play softball in his spare time rather then look over the Dawson and Downey case. Lt. Daniel Caffee's client, Harold Dawson picks up on his unpatriotic behavior fairly quickly. Lt. Daniel Caffee is the only navy officer that gets seasick from riding a boat. Lt. Caffee first meets Dawson and Downey he refers to them as children and mocks the Marine code refered to as: Unit, Corps, God, and Country. Mocking the code that Dawson and Downey follow comes like second nature to Lt. Caffee. Because of his unpatriotic personality he has no compassion for his clients.
             Lt. Daniel Caffee is what some would refer to as a coward. "You're such a coward, I can't believe they let you wear a uniform," Lance Corporal Harold Dawson states in the beginning of the movie.

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