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Annotated Bibliography

             In Jonh Weir's article, Weir talks much about the problems with The Color Purple, written by Alice Walker, and the reasons for it's banning from many public libraries. Weir starts out the article by mentioning that Alice Walker "isn't considered a "gay" writer" (Weir), but he continues in the same sentence to talk about how her book is in part a love story between two women. .
             The women in love: Celie and Shug Avery. The article goes on to say that the love affair was not so much as publicized in the movie done by Steven Spielberg but that the book's homosexual scene is clear cut. Weir says, " though in the book they engage in the tamest imaginable sex scenes-- Walker's novel has caused more public controversy than almost any other recent work of fiction." (Weir) The cry against homosexuality in The Color Purple is nicely illustrated in this quote: "In 1984 it was challenged as inappropriate reading for an Oakland, Calif., high school honors class because of its "sexual and social explicitness"--surely code words for, among other things, homosexual content." (Weir).
             Weir ends his article by talking about the specific states and the main reason for the banning of the book. The states included in the fight to ban the book due to "explicit sex scenes" are as follows: Connecticut, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming. .
             Glick, Andrea; Olson, Renee. "CENSORSHIP -- Virginia -- Jackson County." School Library Journal, Vol. 44 Issue 1 (1998), p13, 2/3p.
             In this article by Andrea Glick and Renee Olson, it talks about the removing of the book, The Color Purple by Alice Walker in a West Virginia High School in Jackson County. This book was taken off the shelves along with 17 other books following a complaint put in by a parent. The excerpt from the book that was most complained about was: "First he put his thing up against my hip and sort of wiggle it around.

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