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            Responsible citizens play a very significant role in a Canadian democratic society. A democratic society is a society in which the citizens of the community have a say in some of the decisions made by the governments. These decisions can be national decisions, provincial decisions, or local decisions. There are three fundamental principals of democracy. The first one basically states that majority rules, in other words 50% of the votes plus 1. The second principal is that you have the choice of which political party to vote for, there isn’t only one party. Finally the third principal is the right to freedom and equality. Canada has a representative democracy, which is when a person or a Member of Parliament is elected to represent the interests of all people in his or her riding. A riding is a specific area that an MP is responsible for. Each riding usually consists of around 100000 people. Responsible citizens in a Canadian democratic government should firstly, always exercise their right to vote, secondly, obey the law, rules, and regulations, and finally, voluntarily contribute to the society for the betterment of it.
             Many countries in the world do not give their citizens the right to vote, however Canada is not one of them. This is why Canadians should use this privilege. A truly responsible citizen would vote at as many elections as he or she could. If everyone were to do this, then the most favourable candidates will win but more importantly, the elected candidates will truly be representing the people. However, if Canadian citizens just become lazy and decide not to vote, then the elected candidates are just representing a small portion of the population and some of the decisions made may be against the wishes of many people. On the other hand, many citizens do not like to step into politics, and decide not to vote in their own type of protest. But, if more people continue to vote, it could potentially lead to great national success because most of the decisions made will have the input of all the people in Canada.

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