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In Pursuit of Purpose, Myles Monroe

             In Pursuit of Purpose is a wonderful book written by Myles Munroe. It covers key points and ideas that are the foundation of a destiny pursuer's life. The Dedication tugs on the reader's heart and helps her to realize purpose from the very beginning. He dedicated it to every human heart seeking to find a meaning for life. This is an excellent book deserving of study not only because of its information but because the reader initially senses Munroe's purpose in writing the book and as a result is more open and attentive to his words.
             "Understanding Purpose", Munroe introduces purpose as a mission, why something exists. "Until purpose is discovered, existence has no meaning , for purpose is the source of fulfillment." .
             He gives an example of Mr. Clyde Wilson Jr. to portray the discontentment one feels when trying to fulfill someone else's purpose. A person might be successful, dedicated, respected and admired, but if they do not know their purpose they are frustrated, empty, depressed and living aimlessly like people of a Third World Country. "No amount of accomplishments can replace the power and the motivation of finding you own special niche and working toward your dreams." Purpose is the destination that prompts the journey. .
             Destiny and Purpose must be pursued. "You must strive to be who you were born to be." Proverbs 20:5 says, " The purposes of a man's heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.
             The nature of Purpose is resilient, never changing, and no amount of problems with the manufacturing process will change the product's purpose. The creator designed his people for a reason. He intrusted abilities and gave them certain characteristics that fit their purposes. Moses was destined to be a deliverer. When he killed the Egyptian slave driver it is evident that his insides were saturated with passion of deliverance. "You are the way you are because of why you are.

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