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Othello Essay

            Shakespeare's tragedy Othello develops many unique ideas regarding the significance of how our perspective or outlooks determine our approach to life and the quality of our lives. Shakespeare develops many different and unique types of characters who all bring different attitudes towards life. Three characters, who at first appear to be very similar, turn out to be very unique from one another. They are different because of the way their perspectives or outlooks determine their individual approach and quality of their lives. These three characters who on the surface appear to be similar, but actually are very distinctive individuals, are Iago, Othello, and Roderigo.
             In the tragedy Othello, the character Iago has a very jealous and greedy nature. Iago is only interested in his own well being and is a very evil man. He view others success as his own shortcomings. Like in the case of Othello, Iago sees Othello as everything that he wants to be. Iago believes that the only way to become as great a person as Othello is to replace him in every way. This leads to Iago's evil actions as he attempts to steal away Othellos beautiful wife Desdemona. Iago also tries to put an end to Othellos illustrious military career. This shows us that Iago's jealous and greedy outlook on life leads him to a fundamentally evil approach to life. It is Iago's evil approach to life, which leads to his poor quality of life.
             The main character, who ironically is named Othello, is much different from Iago, but on the surface appears to be very similar. The two gentlemen both have beautiful and loving wives, are well respected men, and both have successful military careers. What sets them apart is Othello is a very honest person, and Othello's positive approach to life. No matter what goes wrong Othello seems to remain honest and very positive. Othello's honesty and positive attitude is what leads him to success. Othello's attitude shows us that if you are an honest person and take a positive approach to life, good things will come to you.

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