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            William Shakespeare's Othello is a tragic play regarding jealousy and its decomposing effects on the human psychology. The title character is a noble, highly ranked idealistic general. Due to jealousy, Othello transforms into a raging, uncontrollable murderer, in the desperate search for revenge. Initially, Othello is either respected or envied by all who know him. Othello's tragic flaw lies in his nature: as a blackamoor living in Italy, married to a white woman, he is naturally pre-indisposed to jealousy. .
             Othello was not jealous by temperament, but rather ancestry. The play is a study of a noble barbarian, who has become Christian and has imbibed some of the civilization of his employers, but he retains beneath the surface the savage passions of his Moorish blood (Bradley 25).
             Being one of the highest-ranking officers in a seemingly all-white army, Othello does not become a general by being timid, but rather by acting with authority and force. -Othello's nature is all of one piece. His trust, where he trusts, is absolute. Hesitation is almost impossible to him. He is extremely self-reliant and decides to act .
             instantaneously,"" (Bradley 28). This foreshadows why Othello acts as vehemently as he does when he becomes convinced of Desdemona's infidelity.
             Othello falls in love with and marries Desdemona, the daughter of a well-known Venetian senator. This wedding is extremely controversial due to the interracial bonding. Suddenly the couple is the talk of the town, being in the critical eye of all those who bother to involve themselves.
             The limelight is of no matter to Othello, though. In addition to being idealistic, trusting, and respected, one of Othello's most accentuated qualities is his passion. Othello loves the gentle Desdemona with every ounce of heart and soul in him. He cares neither that they are of different races, nor that they differ in age so. Othello lives for Desdemona's love and she is the love of his life.

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