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The Passion of Volleyball

            Volleyball is the only sport where a team receives points based on the technique and skill of an individual, my high school coach once told me. Many people don't understand the game or point of volleyball. Most people want to see aggression and body contact, people getting thrown, or even hit. The object of the game is for each team to send the ball over the net to ground it on the opponent's court, and to prevent the ball from being grounded on its own court. The ball is served over by hitting it over the net to the opponent's court. A team is allowed to hit the ball three times to return it to the opponent's court. A player is not allowed to hit the ball twice repeatedly, except when attempting a block. The rally continues until the ball touches the floor, goes out or a team fails to return it to the opponent's court or commits a fault. Volleyball can get very frustrating just like any other sport when your skill tends not to be up to par. You repetitively try to serve the ball into the court, pass the ball perfectly to the setter, or hit the ball down for a kill, but when you have problems doing just the basics of volleyball, things tend to get heated on the court. After a coach tells you over and over what your doing wrong, but the same problem occurs, it can bring someone down. As a player myself, when my coach gives me the squinted eyes, sideways look it tears my heart apart just as bad as if I got in trouble with my parents as a little girl. Just one evil look sends me many messages scrolling through my head of what exactly my coach could be thinking about me at that very moment.
             "You stupid girl, what the hell are you doing and why are you even on my team if you"re going to play like that," is just one of the many thoughts running through my head.
             Of course, Coach Dave would never slip and say such a horrid thing, or so I hope not. I am quite sure that being a male coaching a female squad is much different than being a male coaching a male team.

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