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William Blake vs Sylvia Plath

            Poets convey ideas, images and feelings that can stimulate our imagination. How do the 2 poets you have studied achieve this? Refer closely to one poem from each poet. .
             William Blake and Sylvia Plath use poetry as a type of communication, using techniques that they have mastered to capture and convert certain elements of their imagination. Each poem allows the mind to scan a broad range of topics within ones imagination to discover its definition. Experienced poets, such as Sylvia Plath and William Blake, use a variety of the elements of writing to stimulate ones imagination as can be analysed through their work, Blake's "London" and Plath's "Elm". .
             Plath and Blake utilise imagery as the key element of their poetry to create images in one's mind of the wondrous objects and obstacles that possess their imagination. In "London" (written by Blake), the mind is constantly relayed to the overall theme of pollution adding to the sinister tone, through the use of imagery. For example, images indicating pollution are strikingly evident in the draft of this poem where "dirty" held the place of "charter"d" associating with physical pollution in the form of soot and the shedding of blood in high places -"church" "palace". "Charter"d" meaning "bound" also captures the city's human slavery describing the river as "bound" between its London shores; it provides a dismal picture of London. Blake also depicts the anger, loyalty and suffering of the solder by relating a powerful image of blood running down the palace walls to accuse the ruling palace of the "hapless soldier's sigh". Also through imagery, love is depicted in Plath's poem, "Elm" as a "shadow", the shady choice of words allow the mind to picture love as a burden and a dark sentiment. Although the phrase is also a metaphor, it holds the strength to create an imaginative picture in one's mind. Plath also uses imagery as a powerful tool in "Elm" as she lingers on her fear of a huge hurdle in her life, cancer.

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