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The Kate Valley Landfill- Should it go ahead?

            Should there be a Landfill at Kate Valley?.
             The proposed development of a landfill, situated at Kate Valley in Waipara continues to cause confrontation and concerns for a large number of people. The concern for a lot of people centres around the management of waste and other environmental problems in New Zealand. The proper management of environmental problems in New Zealand is extremely important for the present well being of New Zealand's environment and the environment for the years to come. The clean green image of New Zealand is an important reason for good management of environmental problems. This not only has to do with having a clean and healthy living environment for New Zealanders but this country's reputation for being clean and green is a major reason for the tourism and popularity from overseas countries that New Zealand receives. If this image were lost it would almost certainly result in a downturn in the economy due to a decrease in the numbers of tourist's spending money in New Zealand. Environmental problems are managed through the regional councils. If processes that impact on the environment are somehow going to be changed in Canterbury then permission must be granted from the Canterbury Regional Council- Environment Canterbury (E-Can) before any changes can occur. Therefore if the Christchurch City Council and other councils in the region want to dump waste in a certain area they must be granted permission from E-Can. .
             The Kate Valley proposal, which has been promoted by a group of councils and a rubbish disposal company, is a good example of the complex processes that have to occur before permission can be given to establish a new landfill. The key issue is environmental impact, but other matters such as the interest of the community and economics are also taken into account.
             Over recent years the short term and long term problems associated with landfills have become of much greater public interest.

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