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            In today's society there are a lot of problems with landfills and the amount of waste. People everyday waste things that they could really recycle and let someone else use again. That is creating a huge problem because there isn"t going to be enough room for all the waste and all the other things. They say that you could just build over the landfills, but that isn"t a good idea either. After years of that sitting in the earth it can begin to decay and that could be harmful to whatever structure is on top of it.
             About 80% of our nation's garbage goes to landfills. Many landfills are rapidly running out of room. With fewer places for our trash to go, we"ll need to start generating less waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling as much as possible. About 50 thousand tons of the trash thrown away is paper and cardboard. All of that stuff could be recycled, which would make more room for things that can"t be recycled like nuclear waste and other things like that. I do have to say though that some landfills are beneficial. They hide the waste so that it isn"t visible.
             This isn"t the only problem with landfills today. There are also many nuclear waste landfills. You know when you go into the doctor and you see those bins that say bio-hazardous material on them? Those are some of the things that are in nuclear waste landfills. Those kinds of things can"t be recycled. They do create a problem more than just there isn"t enough room. They are polluting the rivers, lakes and oceans of our world. That could in turn hurt the creatures that live in the waters. It is already creating a hole in our ozone layer. That isn"t good either because that is what protects us from the sun's very harmful rays. If that is gone, we"ll all fry up.
             I think that everyone should do his or her part and help to recycle what can. I think people should recycle more so that our oceans won"t be polluted; our air would be cleaner, our animals more healthy, and our world a better place.

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