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Southern and Northern Colonies

             In the years of colonization there were many differences in the Northern and Southern colonies that set them apart. As well as anything else differences can cause trouble or arguments on how other people do things. The south was settled mostly by men who came over to make money by setting up a plantation, or working on a large farm. The north was formed by a group called the Separatists whose religion was not excepted in England. .
             In the south the economy was based on plantations and what that plantation grew. The cash crop for the south was Tobacco it made a lot of money for the people who grew it and there was a great demand for it in England. The south needed to produce more product to make more money so in order to do that they needed more land. It was also much easier to grow crops in the south because the growing season was much longer and the soil could support the vegetation, while in the north the soil was very thin, not fertile enough, and the growing season was much too short. Everything in the south is more separated and all of the land was used to crops. Aristocracy, whoever had the most land had the power, was the main form of government in the south. In the northern colonies farming was minuscule and it was only subsistence farming, their economy would soon be based on manufacturing. Democracy was starting to take shape in the northern colonies rather than aristocracy. .
             Religion was a major thing to the Northern colonies it was why they, The Separatists, sailed across to the new world on the Mayflower to have freedom to practice the religion they felt. But once the Separatists had their freedom they no longer tolerated nor let anyone practice their own religion freely. However in the south, religion was still a big deal but there was more toleration for it considering cities weren't build so close together and churches couldn't control religion, so the south excepted pretty much anyone who wanted to settle there.

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