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             Depression in young adults is often severely neglected and the implications of ignoring such problems at this crucial state of one's life can be profound. It has been estimated that 25% of college students are depressed at any one time and that 33% of college dropouts went through a serious depression before they made the unfortunate decision to leave school (Lopez, 1996). Many of these students are not actually diagnosed with depression because they have not taken the step to find help or no one has reached out to help them. 10% of college students are actually diagnosed with depression, including 13% of all college women (Coping with Disaster, 2002). These statistics might not be all that surprising for the average college student. Students are seeing depression on an everyday basis and many have to deal with their own battles of mood swings or the problems that their peers seem to be having. Depression often strikes in the most unexpected people. One's emotional instability can often be hidden by success, charisma and appeared opportunity. That's what makes depression in this age group so interesting. Many would say that young adults in general should have little to be depressed about, but studies are now showing that young adults and college students specifically are experiencing an increasing amount of depressing feelings. Many of these feelings will lead to clinical depression which will change their lives dramatically. Because young adulthood is such a central point in which so many lifelong decisions are established, an episode of depression at this time can have huge and far-reaching affects on the individual's life. The stress of decisions made in young adulthood is also a huge factor as to what brings about a depression. Many psychologists see young adults as .
             Depression 2.
             being much more susceptible to experiencing depression and other stress aroused mood disorders.

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