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The Influence of My Style

             Fashion style is probably the single most influential piece of our society as a whole. Many people base fashion style by work uniformity, what is popular, or probably most simply what makes them feel good physically and consciously. Over the years my personal style has taken on various forms through various time periods in my life. In each stage of my life there was always an outside presence that dictated what I wore. In most cases of my past my mother played a large role in the decision making process of my style. There was a brief time frame with no direct outside influence, but the subliminal ideals of my mother still controlled a lot of what I wore. Once I became married my wife's ideals took over and in some ways reshaped my style.
             From the first day I was born my mother and father, probably more my mother, had developed a style for me. They were the ones who dictated what I would wear. Parents always seem to base their primary decisions on what kind of reactions others will make. Another factor in a parent's decision making process is to buy durable clothes that do not stain easily, or for better words require less maintenance.
             As I grew up and headed more towards becoming a teenager I became much more self conscious of what I wore. This introduction of self image was more than likely developed by my peers and friends. I can remember when I would go out with my friends to an annual medieval festival my freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school. There were some T-shirts and pants that I would buy as souvenirs that I would wear to school and out to other public places. Usually the pants were made of wool or some other type of man made material and would tie at the ankles and waist. The T-shirts were mostly pictures made by fantasy artists, who drew or painted pictures of scantly dressed women or men fighting or interacting with mystical creatures. That does not go without saying though that there was a definitive overlap where my mother still played a role in the decision process of my style.

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