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Reservation Blues Book Response

             This novel can be described in many ways, a page turner, interesting, and even .
             I admitt that I could not put this book down for the simple fact that it had me .
             questioning thing constantly. As I read chapter after chapter, I started to not pay attention to .
             the wonderful descriptions of indian culture, a just started really paying attention to the hidden .
             meanings in certain sections and trying to keep up with the flip flopping it did alot at the end of .
             the novel. It almost made me feel like he was as much in a hurry to finish this novel as I was. .
             Of course I was reading pretty quickly to finish this novel due to the fact that I really took my .
             time at the beginning so I did not miss important information.
             I really enjoyed Sherman's writing, even though he really left me with some questions .
             that I thought would get answered at the end of the novel. It is hard to describe why I really .
             liked this novel. I would have to say its because it spawned so many discussions between my .
             fiancee' and I. My fiancee' knows the story about Robert Johnson more than myself. I found .
             this very helpful in understanding what was happening to Coyote Springs and Robert Johnson. .
             Sherman finally let us into his story, and the story about the guitar. I felt that he should have .
             included this somewhat sooner. It would have explained why the guitar jumped out of Victor's .
             hands at the audition in NY. .
             What I also thought the Sherman lacked with this novel was more of an explination .
             about Big Mom. I felt like he just painted such a vague picture of her, meaning, her true origin, .
             age, or even if she truly was one with god, his right hand women. I enjoyed the fact that .
             Sherman included that part about her teaching Elvis, Diana Ross, and Chuck Berry, and that .
             you cen her them thank her in their songs. It almost made me want to pull my dad's Elvis .
             records to see if I can hear that, to see if this novel is an urban legend, like Robert Johnson was .

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