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Cold Fusion

            Cold Fusion is a concept that has had scientists baffled for years. It is the most scrutinized idea behind a new form of energy production due to its need for a perfect apparatus/reaction. Although, seemingly impossible to create, many still try and will continue until this concept is no longer an idea but a reality. .
             Fusion alone is a nuclear reaction that generally takes place in the centre of the sun. With advanced technologies and scientific development mankind has recreated this nuclear reaction on earth. Naturally, this type of nuclear reaction is referred to as "Hot Fusion", thus giving us the open idea that there could be cold fusion. All forms of fusion are known to be very reactive and produce high quantities of energy. The process of hot fusion has posed a problem for mankind because it is very difficult to reach the high temperatures required for hot fusion and when recreated there is a high amount of harmful nuclear radiation released into our environment and therefore this process is not practical or safe. Consequently, Cold Fusion is considered to be a much better method of obtaining energy. In fact, it is believed that if cold fusion is obtained an infinite supply of energy may be available due to the fact that its fuel is water, our largest natural resource. .
             Cold Fusion is defined as "a new nuclear process, and/or a super-chemical process that creates orders of magnitude beyond the energy release capability of any standard chemistry, and/or "something else" like tapping of Zero Point Energy, which is orders of magnitude beyond the energy release capability of any standard chemistry." Thus meaning that once the concept is created an infinite amount of energy will follow because the reaction will produce more energy than it consumes. This is a very arrogant way of viewing this concept and a very impractical idea to strive for. It is obvious that a 100% plus yield of energy is impossible due to the theory of relativity.

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