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             Today I watched the movie the tadpole. It was in IFC film so I knew already that this film was good before I watched it. The movie is about a young teenage boy around 16 who falls in love with his stepmother, he also has a fetish for hands. The young boy Oscar, is a very smart kid, he is fluent in French but no so good in science. He comes home for Christmas break to see his dad and step mom. Oscar acts like he is a 40 year old in a teenager's body because at his dad's Christmas party he totally tries to hit on his step mom. His dad tells him to walk one of the young ladies from the party home. Oscar puts up a fight but complies with his father. He walks with her for a little while until he realizes that she is totally not like him so he puts her in a cab. Upset by the way things are going Oscar finds himself in a bar getting smashed. On his way home he runs into his step moms best friend Diane. She is wearing Eve's red scarf and Oscar is drunk so she takes him back to her apartment. She gives him a massage and all he can think about is eve and the red scarf that Diane is warring. They have dirty drunk illegal sex. In the morning Oscar realizes what he has done tells Diane to never talk about it with eve. Oscar goes home and his dad questions where he was the whole night. Oscar blames it on a girl from his school that is in town. Oscar still tries his hardest to win eve over so he makes her lunch and brings it down to her work. That night eve oscar Diane and Oscars dad go out to dinner and that is when the all find out about Oscar and Diane. Also Diane told oscar that eve liked sideburns but oscar could not grow them yet so he shaved his dog and glued the hair on. Oscar finally after that tells eve how he feels about her and they kiss. They kind of both realize that it is not right and oscar realizes that there are younger smart girls out there that he should be dating.

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