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The Devil and Tom Walker

             If you find yourself looking for a path to take at the inlet a few miles from Boston there are two trails you can follow. scattered oaks and immense pine trees cover the swampy land on one side of the morass. in that direction is where kidd the pirate, as the story goes, buried his treasure. as most tales go, the devil minded the hidden riches after kidd had gone. the trees growing as high as 90 feet tall, making it dark at high noon, was one of the things that made this path one left mostly untraveled. pits of quagmire engulfed trunks of pine and oak, making them seem like water creatures and cause unwanted visitors to leave. tadpoles, water snakes and bullfrogs mingled with the neighborhood owls, creating a unwelcoming atmosphere for all who cross the lines of the swamp. The shaddy inlet was a remarkable spot for the pirate's money to be stashed. After secretly bringing the money to the bottom of the marshland hill, the height of the land made for a good look out. The gigantic hemlocks also made for an excellent landmark when kidd had to come back to reclaim his goods. kidd never returned to recover his wealth. he was captured in Boston and hanged in England For the crime of being a pirate. The devil, who in his human form is a man that no one can describe,looking like a man of neither Negro nor Indian descent but having the face of a black man. he gaurds the treasure and trading it for nothing less then the soul of a man or women who is willing to give theirs up for gold. The ill-gotten treasure of kidd the pirate is one that no man or women shall ever get as long as the deceitful mind of the devil is tending over it. The ill-chosen route that only the unfortunate travel at the inlet near boston has a treasure that's price is too high to pay.

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