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The devil and Tom Walker

            Instinct is a reflex that is given to animals and intelligence or the ability to learn is given to most mammals including us, humans. But is that really the case, is that how it all really works. The one question that I now pose is, is human nature an instinct inherited from past generations, are we predictable. And if there really is extra terrestrial life somewhere in the universe do they think of us as we think of lesser intelligent animals that run on instinct. We as humans harbor the same feelings deep within our mind and we all have physical reflexes or instinct. The point that I am making is not that we are all machines like bees or mindless zombies my point is that we are all the same in some way or another and we all are predictable to an extent and that is why it is relatively simple to manipulate our minds into thinking something or some decision is correct only because it benefits us in the immediate way. Basically we as a society worship success and at that immediate success and immediate gratification. This is true even I to have fallen victim to, well, myself, my human nature. It itself is a blessing and a curse. One might now ask what does this have to with the story, well in actually everything. Within the next three paragraphs I shall not just give examples on a person that reminds me of Tom Walker I will attempt to prove that we are all Tom Walkers. In a way I am rewriting the story for you, whoever that is. For as I explained we can all identify with Tom Walker because whatever essence drives him lies hidden within our own souls lurking and attempting to crawl out of that hole and consume our very lives. And it is just that Tom Walker was one of the ones that "gave in." There is a saying "Knock and the door shall be open" well the devil was at his door and opened it, just like Pandora's box. The devil is at our door, will we open it?.
             In the story The Devil and Tom Walker, Tom seeks a way out, the easy way out both literally and figuratively.

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