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New Zealand

            New Zealand is a self-governing country. It is in the South Pacific Ocean, and situated southeast of Australia. It has two large islands - North Island and South Island - and many smaller islands. There are a lot of mountains, rivers, lakes, and inlets, and beautiful cities in New Zealand. The specious geography, like activity volcano, inlet, and special wildlife made the country very fascinating. .
             First of all, New Zealand has a lot of beautiful natural sceneries, such as long, sandy beach with coconut trees in North Island, the Lake Taupo, which is the largest lake and the head water of the Waikato River- the longest river of New Zealand, and numerous mineral hot springs in Lake Taupo district offer you a mazing both. Once you soak your feet in the hot spring, you well forget all of trouble in your life and enjoy the mysterious feeling. You can also survey narrow inlet and activity volcano with light smoke goes up windily in Auckland. .
             Secondly, the native animals of New Zealand have strange characteristics. "The native frog lays eggs that turn directly into frogs without first becoming tadpoles." The bird, Kiwi, is very big, but it is very timid and cannot fly. The bird, Takahe, which is found only in New Zealand, cannot fly either. "The tuatara is a direct descendant of the dinosaur." What an amazing animal!.
             Finally, There are many fascinating and colourful cities in New Zealand. The major cities are: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Auckland is the largest city with its mixture of Pacific Islands. It is almost hugged by beach and water. The Mount Eden, an extinct volcano, rise up 644 feet in the middle of the city. The climate is subtropical, so you can visit it any season. The seafood in Auckland is very delicious and cheap especially crabs that are so big and fat that you can not eat all of one yourself in a day. .
             So, New Zealand is your dreamed travel place, I guarantee that you well feel very satisfied after visiting it.

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